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SAAS Starter Kit!

Built for Elixir and Phoenix LiveView

Batteries included! The SAAS starter kit aims to provide you with everything you need to get started building your SAAS in Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView.


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The most loved web framework

"Phoenix is the most admired web framework and technology; more developers would choose to work with Phoenix again than those who have used the three most common: React, Node. js, and Next. js."
Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2023

Elixir Elixir
Phoenix Phoenix
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS
Phoenix bird hacking on startup

SAAS Features

Pick and choose the ones you need

  • Phoenix LiveView
  • Tailwind and Alpine
  • Authentication
  • Stripe Integration
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Announcements
  • GraphQL API
  • User Impersonation
  • Email Templates
  • Recurring jobs

How it works

Fully Customizable: Customize components to fit your specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing or new SAAS application

Generate a new Phoenix application
Install the Hex package and add configuration
Pick the features to install

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