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Common Questions

  1. What is the SAAS Starter Kit for Elixir and Phoenix with LiveView?
    The SAAS Starter Kit is a set up mix generators that you can run insida a normal Phoenix application. You can install just as many features that you want. For how many apps that you want.
  2. Who is this Starter Kit for?
    The ideal user is a someone that has some prior knowledge about webdevelopment and aims to build a SAAS application.
  3. What are the prerequisites for using this Starter Kit?
    It is helpful to have knowledge about Phoenix and LiveView but not needed. An experienced Ruby on Rails developer or someone with similar experience should be able to use the starter kit.
  4. How does LiveView enhance the functionality of this Starter Kit?
    LiveView brings a lot of speed and productivity to the table. There is no need to use an external javascript framework to build a site with rich UI
  5. Can I integrate this Starter Kit with existing Elixir/Phoenix projects?
    It is doable but not super easy. I recommend creating a new application and copy over any logic from one app to the other.
  6. What kind of support and updates can I expect after purchasing the Starter Kit?
    I provide support by email and aims to build out a support section. When it comes to updates, I will continously provide new components to install in existing and new projects.
  7. How does this Starter Kit handle scalability and performance?
    It is Elixir and Phoenix. It has a proven track record to be highly scalable.
  8. Are there any real-world applications or success stories using this Starter Kit?
    This one, for example. There are other but I have not asked my customers about apps that they have launched.
  9. What security features are included in the Starter Kit?
    I follow security best practices. I have also added the Sobelow library that static security analysis tool. It can be added to the CI pipleline.
  10. How customizable is the Starter Kit for specific business needs?
    It is designed to be modular and fit any business model that you might need.
  11. What are the main advantages of using this Starter Kit over traditional development methods?
    Speed and efficiency. I have made some opinionated decisions so you dont have to. For example how multitenancy is setup.
  12. Is there a community or forum for users of this Starter Kit?
    No, not at this point. But keep ask, and I might set something up.
  13. What is the pricing model for the Starter Kit? Are there different tiers?
    It is a one time, lifetime fee.
  14. How easy is it to get started with this Starter Kit for a beginner in Elixir and Phoenix?
    You should also do a beginner course and as soon as you can manage to create resources, manage authentication, then you can manage.
  15. Can I contribute to the development or improvement of the Starter Kit?
    At this point, you can not. I plan to open up so anyone can create new features.