SAAS Starter Kit!

Boilerplate for Phoenix LiveView

Batteries included! The SAAS starter kit boilerplate is a private Github repo and has everything you need to get started building your SAAS in Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView.

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Stripe subscriptions
Stripe Subscriptions for recurring revenue
Html emails
HTML Emails with unsubscribe link
Command palette
Command Palette that can be used to search and navigate
Multi tenancy
Multi-tenancy support fot multiple organizations
Realtime in-app notifications
Locale picker
Prepared for internationalization
Dark mode
Dark Mode!!
404 page
404 Page

"I was worried about the learning curve with Phoenix LiveView, but this boilerplate made it incredibly straightforward. It addresses common pitfalls and provides a strong foundation, so I could focus on building my app."

Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView powers almost the entire app

Say goodbye to complicated JavaScript and embrace the power of real-time interactivity with Phoenix LiveView. Build dynamic applications with ease!

Built-In Best Practices

Clear and Detailed Documentation

Navigate through your development journey with our comprehensive guides. Plus, enjoy built-in tests, Credo checks, and seamless CI/CD with GitHub actions.

Multitenancy and Organisations

User Can Have Private and Shared Organisations

Whether you’re working solo or with a team, our multitenancy support allows users to effortlessly manage both private and shared organizations.

Prepared for Multilocale

Use Gettext for Seamless Localization

Expand your app’s reach globally with built-in support for multiple locales and timezones. Store user preferences in the database for a personalized experience.

Payments with Stripe

Just Add Your Stripe Credentials and Go

Monetize your app in minutes! Integrate Stripe payments easily by adding your credentials and product details. Start earning revenue effortlessly.

OAuth Authentication

GitHub OAuth Included

Skip the tedious authentication setup. With GitHub OAuth out of the box, you can easily extend to other providers and keep your users happy.