Boilerplates and Starter Kits

The Phoenix LiveView SAAS Kit generator is a way for developers to configure and get a jumpstart on a new Phoenix application.

Generate a SAAS Starter Kit

Fill in the app name (snake case) and chose what you want to have preinstalled
Additional install options will come soon
Additional Features
The core version contains authentication with PhxGenAuth, multitenancy and teams for account management and Oban for background jobs.



  • Phoenix 1.6+ with Esbuild
  • Tailwind with Daisy UI Framework
  • Authentication with POW or PhxGenAuth
  • GraphQL with Absinthe
  • Admin pages with a custom resource generator
  • Background jobs with Oban
  • Dependabot and Github Actions
  • Stripe payment form and subscriptions
  • Multi Tenancy for account management
  • User Impersonation

Landing page

Landing page - Dark theme

Dark theme is provided by the DaisyUI framework.

Admin page

The dashboard comes with hard coded examples.

Application page

Here is where the main app will be build.