Feature Flags for Dynamic Control and A/B Testing


Enhance your application's agility and reduce the risk associated with software releases using Feature Flags. This built-in functionality allows you to toggle features on and off in real-time without requiring code deployments or server restarts.

Why Use Feature Flags?

  • Dynamic Control: Enable or disable features without redeploying the application.
  • Granular Management: Set flags for specific users, groups, or conditions, offering a fine-grained control.
  • A/B Testing: Roll out features to a small user base first for effective testing.
  • Quick Rollbacks: Quickly disable a feature if issues arise, without impacting other parts of your application.

Key Capabilities

  • Global Boolean Flags: Easily toggle features on or off for all users.
  • Actor-based Flags: Implement feature access at the entity level, such as for specific user accounts or geographic locations.
  • Group-based Flags: Enable or disable features for specific groups satisfying certain conditions.
  • Time-based Flags: Allow a feature to be available a percentage of the time.
  • Actor Percentage Flags: Enable a feature for a certain percentage of actors or entities.

Quick Example

Here's a quick Elixir code snippet using the FunWithFlags library to give you a sense of how easy it is to manage Feature Flags.

# Check if a feature is enabled
# Output: false

# Enable a feature
{:ok, true} = FunWithFlags.enable(:cool_new_feature)

# Verify the feature is enabled
# Output: true

# Disable the feature
{:ok, false} = FunWithFlags.disable(:cool_new_feature)

# Confirm the feature is disabled
# Output: false

Incorporate Feature Flags to your application and take control of your feature releases like never before!